TAKING THE STRESS OUT OF Medicare Compliance

Section 111 Reporting

Insurers have mandatory reporting requirements from Medicare. Our in-house developed reporting program streamlines the process to ensure accuracy and provide close monitoring that meets compliance standards.

  • Daily Monitoring of Files
  • Weekly Submission of Reportable Claims
  • Weekly Audits and Error Correction
  • Accurate Coding and Claim File Information

Denied Treatment

Most people don't realize that filing an insurance claim can cause problems with Medicare many years down the road. Denied medical bills, collections, and refusal for treatment are all things that can happen because of a previous claim. Resolving these issues with Medicare takes very specific knowledge of state laws, billing rules, and reporting procedures. Our staff is here to take care of it for you!

Conditional Payments

Medicare will often pay for services then ask for reimbursement from other insurers. Our staff reviews each request to ensure our clients never pay for unrelated treatment. Our dispute process saves an average of over 95% on conditional payment requests. We respond to all letters and requests from CMS on behalf of our clients.

Our Expert Staff Provides Medicare Solutions

Accurate Reporting

Our staff audits all reportable files weekly to ensure accuracy. Any identified errors are promptly corrected and reported timely.

Dispute Resolution

Our experts dispute all unrelated services and ensure any Medicare reimbursements owed are processed promptly.

Direct Contact

We work directly with our clients, their employees, medical providers, and Medicare to resolve any outstanding payment or treatment issues.

Knowledgeable Staff

Our staff answers your questions and provides direct solutions for your Medicare-related issues.