Innovative Technology

Anytime, Anywhere, Instant Web Access

CAS has developed its own proprietary, web-based claims and reporting system, which allows secure access by the adjuster, client, broker, and re-insurer. Reporting of claims is handled electronically and claims data may be viewed in real-time behind a secure client login.

Quick & Easy Access To:

  • Electronic claim filing.
  • Real-time data mining.
  • Updated adjuster notes.
  • Custom claim data reporting.

Additionally, the CAS system offers multiple platforms for data retrieval, making it easy and efficient for downloads and client reporting. Access to safety policies, procedures, and training guides is available as well.

The CAS website features data encryption and authenticated administrative access to maximize the security of client data. Reporting capabilities can be made available to a multitude of users with special permissions based on client needs. Numerous reports are available, from historical data to 30-day snapshots, and data mining is virtually unlimited when using our Smart Analysis tools.