Property & Casualty

CAS specializes in first and third-party claims for property and bodily injury. Our team of specialists minimize losses by handling every aspect of claims. From appraisals to negotiations, timely payments, subrogation, or litigation, we've got you covered!


We Assist In:

Managing Costs

  • Customized Coverage & Deductibles
  • Accurate Appraisals
  • Maximum Salvage Return
  • Timely Repairs & Payments
  • Settlement Negotiation
  • Prompt Subrogation

Claims Management

  • Experienced Multi-Lingual Adjusters
  • Regular Supervisor Involvement & Monitoring of Files
  • Partnerships with Legal & Industry Experts

Additional Features

Improving Safety:

  • Vast Safety Training Resource & Video Library
  • Onsite Investigations
  • Targeted Loss Analysis, Recommendations, & Action Plan

Streamlined Technology:

  • Instant Access to Customized Reports
  • 24/7 Claims Reporting
  • Claim & Adjuster Notes