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Improving the safety and security of your workplace enhances the productivity and morale of your workforce. CAS does more than process claims; we work hard to prevent claims and reduce costs through effective loss control.

Our Loss Control Services Include:

  • On-site training, accident investigation, and safety inspections.
  • Customized Action Plans based on your claims experience.
  • Online loss analysis and reporting.
  • Web-based safety.
  • Department-specific handouts and policies/procedures documentation.
  • Streaming safety videos.
  • Comprehensive safety topic library.
  • Client seminars and webinars.
  • Grant funding to assist in purchasing safety equipment and supplies for your staff to help them avoid injuries.

CAS' safety consultants will work with you to implement initiatives to address your loss control needs. Our comprehensive loss control approach has a proven track record for reducing the frequency and severity of claims. Through education, training and awareness, our safety professionals provide you with all the tools you need to reduce incidents. CAS loss control professionals are strategically located in close proximity to our clients to ensure regular communication and availability.

CAS has developed numerous safety resources to assist clients. These include on-site inspections and trainings, web-based training and resources, video training, accident analysis, and written safety programs. Safety trainings are designed to enhance safety performance throughout the workplace, and improve employees' recognition of hazardous conditions.

Studies show that 90% of all workplace accidents are a result of human actions–only 10% result from physical hazards. Therefore, CAS loss control focuses on behavior-based training to have the greatest impact on reducing your claim frequency.

Safe Lifting Techniques
Safe Lifting Techniques

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