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CAS believes that a strong claims management program is a key component to lowering claims costs. We treat every claim as if it were our own, using our experienced claims professionals to review and evaluate each claim as soon as injury notification is received.

Our customized claims approach provides:

  • Online claim filing, monitoring and reporting
  • Rapid response
  • Early intervention
  • Efficient coordination
  • Monitoring care
  • Rapid claim closure
  • Superior adjuster service

Claims are reviewed and evaluated immediately by a claims supervisor, and adjuster claim load is limited to ensure appropriate attention to each claim. Claims are also cataloged and monitored using a sophisticated diary system, and files are reviewed by adjusters on a regular basis.

Experienced claims supervisors monitor each claim to ensure that everything possible is done to control the cost associated with the claim; action plans are put in place and 3-point contact is made within 48-hours. Supervisors are not assigned claims, which allows their attention to be focused on the direction of claims representatives.

Files are audited every 30 days by an adjuster while disability payments are being issued to ensure that the injured worker gets back to work on the job with minimal time off and without jeopardizing care. Supervisors also review all open files on a consistent basis to make certain that action plans are in place to avoid unnecessary hearings and ensure appropriate treatment is provided.

TX Workers' Comp Checklist
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TX Workers' Comp

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CAS has created a customized claims management system which includes an adjuster workflow program; this eliminates the possibility of a file falling off diary. By utilizing this system, we are able to keep files progressing towards a timely conclusion and ensure that all aspects of the claim are addressed.

We utilize physicians specializing in workers’ compensation injuries to ensure the best possible care for injured employees. Receiving specialized medical treatment aids in a quicker recovery and can help get the employee back to work sooner.

Return to work programs facilitate a safe and prompt return to work of the injured employee whereby both the employee and the employer benefit. The primary goal of the program is to accommodate injured workers, identify and/or modify jobs to meet their capabilities and return them to productive status as quickly as possible. RTW creates a positive experience for employees and substantially reduces your overall claims cost and operating expenses.

CAS’ comprehensive claims management program and our true understanding that long-term savings come from managing the total cost of risk have allowed our clients to receive the best savings and service the industry has to offer. Because we understand workplace issues continue to arise and evolve, we will never stop exploring methods for restraining costs. CAS understands that your employees are your business. Protecting you and your employees is ours.