Employee Safety Training

At CAS, we understand that educating your employees on the value of safety is critical to ensuring their well-being and to helping you reduce the cost of workplace injuries. Below is a brief description of the safety training tools available to you.


Online Training Modules

This page includes a variety of training modules that address workplace safety both by topic and department. Your employees can register for their own login, access any of these modules, then take a test. You and other supervisors can track completion by individual employees, and you receive an e-mail with their test results.


Streaming Safety Videos

The intent of these streaming videos is to arrange viewings in small toolbox sessions, larger departmental trainings, or campus-wide gatherings where audiences of employees rather than individuals watch the video. The arrangement with our vendor is based on utilization, specifically the number of times each title is viewed. Therefore, we are asking our clients to use this new offering as it is intended.


Safety Resources

Included here are manuals, handbooks, safety tip sheets, posters and other materials that can easily be printed and shared with appropriate departmental personnel. These materials serve as constant reminders that safety should always be a priority in your organization.


CAS Videos

Listed here are links to safety videos that CAS has produced in conjunction with various school district and college clients. Each video contains a specific focus (i.e., Custodial Safety), some of these customized videos can be streamed directly to your Web browser for viewing by you and your staff.